Like core cutting service we are also experts in 3D Concrete Scanning in UAE  our machines are fully latest and we have a special person for 3D Concrete Scanning UAE our 3d work that we previous done was awesome and we also can do your work very beautifully because we are fully concentrating on our work we sure you will be satisfied with the core of our services cutting UAE  concrete cutting 3D Concrete Scanning Dubai for More detail visit our site 

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Our clients commonly wish to answer questions that are independent of one another. Questions like, “What is the size of the reinforcement in this slab?” and, “How much cover is there over this reinforcement?” can be answered one after another and the answer to one question is not necessarily related to the answer to another. Sometimes, however, our clients wish to see the relationship of buried features to one another.

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Perhaps they wish to be able to visualize where the post-tensioned cables run relative to the reinforcing mesh. Or the question being answered might involve understanding the position and orientation of a particular identified defect inside the concrete.

Finding a place to position a penetration point through concrete that has multiple layers of reinforcing mesh can be a challenge without a 3D representation that shows each of the layers of reinforcing mesh in relationship to one another.

A-Core only uses cutting-edge concrete demolition techniques which maximize productivity and enhance safety. We are mindful of our capabilities and our client’s limitations to provide the reassurance of zero lost time and best work.

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