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Our concrete Sawing Techniques in UAE

And the best thing is The demand for concrete sawing is increasing drastically across the world for renovation and remodeling projects, wherein construction professionals have to make a large number of changes in the existing state of a building and structure to fix its condition.

The good thing is that today a wide range of concrete saws are available to contractors for carrying out different types of concrete sawing services such as dry sawing and wet sawing. A concrete saw is nothing but a high-quality tool used by drilling experts to cut make cuts and openings on hard materials such as brick, masonry, and tile, etc., apart from concrete. This tool can be hand-held equipment or a big walk-behind saw which often works with the support of either electric motors or gasoline.

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Dry Sawing  Only Suited For Outdoor Projects IN UAE DUBAI

Dry sawing is a concrete cutting method that is characterized by the production of enormous dust, and hence it is used by contractors for large-scale outdoor projects. Often the diamond blade is used for dry sawing so that it can be prevented from getting overheated in the absence of water. Diamond blades are also very useful for minimizing dust buildup.

Wet Sawing An Environmental Friendly  Technique Of Cutting Concrete UAE

Another important sawing technique that is used extensively across the world is called wet sawing which is characterized by the lesser production of harmful dust. Wet sawing is considered an environmentally friendly concert cutting method when compared to dry sawing. The blade remains cool because of water, which eventually prevents or minimizes the production of harmful dust.

Wire Sawing & Its Importance UAE

Wire saws are designed specifically for creating highly accurate cuts or openings in steel and reinforced concrete. If you are looking forward to creating different types of shapes in a variety of different sizes, then nothing can prove to be more useful to you than wire saws. Wire saws, which can be diamond embedded cables used for creating holes and openings offer tremendous flexibility to contractors and help in minimizing wastage. Since wire sawing is an anti-vibration technique of creating cuts, it does not produce any types of cracks around the openings created by the contractors.

Floor Sawing & Its Significance UAE

Floor sawing is a technique of developing perfect holes and cuts into roads, concrete floors, and slabs, etc. It indicates that floor saws are purposely manufactured for creating precise cuts on flat surfaces.

Wall Sawing & Its Benefits UAE

The main function of wall sawing is to make cuts on vertical structures developed of heavily reinforced concrete such as walls. Wall saws are nothing but another term for track saws, and they are mainly used in construction projects for creating doors and windows, etc.

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